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Pacific Western Bank

Homeowners are able to make one-time or recurring payments from their checking account, or make one-time credit card payments. Recurring payments may be scheduled on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis.

Your bank account does not need to be with Pacific Western Bank in order to take advantage of this service. You will need your association property address and account number.


  • Free one-time or recurring payments from checking accounts.
  • Pacific Western Bank charges a small fee for credit and debit card payments
  • After 5 PM and on weekends, payments will be processed next business day.
  • Payments from checking accounts require one-time registration.

Management ID--1243

Check & Bill Pay

Checks should be made payable to your association's full name, and include your association account number and mailing address.

Please mail all payments to:

<Community Name>
c/o HOA Partners Remittance
2321 E. 4th Street C-620
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Auto Debit Signup Form

For: Homeowners and Residents
Format: PDF (Adobe Acrobat)

Instructions: HOA PARTNERS is now offering you the opportunity to sign up for Auto Debit. This will allow you to pay your homeowners assessments automatically each month or quarter. When you enroll in the Auto Debit program, we will send an electronic draft to your bank on the 5th day of the month, unless that day falls on a Sunday or a holiday. There is no charge to you for this service. The electronic draft will only collect the current monthly assessment. If you have a past due balance on your account, you will be required to mail a payment for those fees. To sign up for Auto Debit, complete and sign the authorization form.


Starting January 1, 2010, many notices, disclosures and documents may be delivered electronically to any member who has agreed to that method of delivery.

Written Consent Required. Before an association can electronically distribute documents, notices and disclosures described above, it must receive the recipient's written consent. (Civ. Code §4040(a)(2).) The consent must comply with all the requirements of Corporations Code §20, which includes a clear written statement to the recipient as to:
  • any right of the recipient to have the record provided or made available on paper or in non-electronic form,
  • whether the consent applies only to that transmission, to specified categories of communications, or to all communications from the corporation, and
  • the procedures the recipient must use to withdraw consent.

Form of Consent. The Act does not mandate a particular form for the consent except that it be written. An email qualifies as written consent. (Civ. Code 1633.7.) The email can be printed by the association and stored in a file or it can be stored electronically. Even so, associations are allowed to create their own consent forms. Lawyers like to include disclosure language about how the consent remains effective until such time as it is revoked in writing.

Electronic Delivery Defined. The Davis-Stirling Act defines electronic delivery to mean "email, facsimile, or other electronic means." (Civ. Code §4040(a)(2).) Other electronic means include posting on an electronic message board or network which the association has designated for those communications, together with a separate notice to the recipient of the posting. (Corp. Code §20.) If a document is delivered by electronic means, delivery is complete at the time of transmission. (Civ. Code §4050(c).)

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